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Quinton Lake

Soil Monitor - VegTrug Grow Care

Soil Monitor - VegTrug Grow Care

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Soil Monitor for use with VegTrug Grow Care APP -Easy & convenient to use. 

Easily discover the needs of your plants, succulents, flowers, herbs, and vegetables by monitoring the soil.  Analyzes and tracks plant growth. The app has over 6000 plants listed & each has its own growing information.

You can confidently check the moisture and nutrient levels of your soil. As well as monitor the temperature & sunlight.

For use with Bluetooth, "VegTrug Grow Care" app for Android & Apple iOS, available on the Google Play and App Store
Waterproof design around the battery compartment.
Tester, Sensor, Indicator, Monitor, Detection 
Take notice of quantity when ordering. 

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