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Quinton Lake

Plant Baskets Seagrass - Storage Organizer

Plant Baskets Seagrass - Storage Organizer

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Handwoven Rattan Wicker Plant Baskets Seagrass - Storage Household Organizer
Each of these Eco-Friendly natural seagrass baskets is made with care.
Unique and handwoven, they will not all be identical which is part of the beauty of these baskets. They are foldable strong and durable.

Multipurpose: plant basket, home & garden, home decor, creative storage, boho decor, laundry, toy organizer

Use in the plant room, living room, sunroom, bedroom, children's room, bathroom, and balcony space. 

Size 27cm: Diameter 27cm x Height 23cm
Size 32cm: Diameter 32cm x Height 28cm
Note: The widest diameter of the basket is 27cm/ 32cm

It is worth mentioning that sometimes during shipping, some baskets may become slightly bent in shape. Over time, the bends will fall out. Using the baskets or filling them will help speed up this process.
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